The SNe Analysis aPplication (SNAP) system is a joint venture between Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) and Los Alamos National Labs (LANL). It consists of three main tables: 1) SNe light curve observations, 2) SNe light curve models, and 3) stored statistical comparisons between the two (correlations) where models and observations are matched to within a set statistical threshold.

This web site gives an overview of the current and planned SNAP web application. Request for use of SNAP can be done through the form on this site. Access is granted on a two tier system: 1) downloads only (observations and/or models) or 2) download and upload access. Upload access allows users to upload their own theoretical models, observations, and/or correlations based on the permissions granted. The SNAP system will convert the spectra into light curves of requested band passes and allow users to run their own statistical tests against the available observations. SNAP data is stored in a relational MY SQL database.

Questions regarding the SNAP system can be sent to the SNAP PI, A. Bayless or by clicking the mail icon.

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SNAP has been generously supported by:
SwRI Internal Quicklook: 15-R8333
SwRI IR&D: 15-71388A
NASA ROSES: 15-ADAP15-0166